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The WRP Tours package offered in each hotel is identical, so it is left to our guests to choose their preferred method of travel - car, train, air or WRP Tours coach?

By Car

If arriving by car, please consider these factors:

The direction you are aproaching the city. If at all possible minimise the amount of driving across the city - the average speed in Central London is said to be less than 10 mph! Also, Monday to Friday, crossing central London will involve paying the Congestion Charge. (See below)

Novotel London West and Novotel Waterlooboth offer guaranteed and secure underground parking on site at a reduced rate provided that it is pre-booked through WRP Tours. (height restriction of 1075m apply) (Novotel London West has a few exterior parking bays so specify the need for this when you book as space is very limited.

Novotel Tower Bridgehas an NCP car park about 400m from the hotel at The Minories which is relatively cheap on Saturday and Sunday though commercial rates operate Monday to Fridays, inclusive.

Novotel Excelhas parking available - see contact the WRP office for more information

Please remember that many NCP sites in central London are closed on a Sunday and charge commercial rates for parking on a Friday and Monday.

London Congestion Charge
These charges currently operate from 07.00 – 18.30 hours from Monday through to Friday. 
There are no charges either outside these hours or all day Saturday and Sunday.

Some of our hotels are located within the central zone where charges could apply – depending upon the day and time of your arrival/departure. Also, you may find that you have to cross the zone to reach your hotel even if your hotel is outside the charging zone. If in doubt, call the WRP Tours office for advice. 

All charges are the responsibility of the driver concerned and WRP Tours cannot pre-pay for you. If you want further details go to www.cclondon.com

By train

London has at least 6 main-line railway stations so please establish which station you will arrive at/depart from, and then select your hotel accordingly. If you are uncertain then call us in the office and we will happily discuss this with you. If arriving Saturday, try to be in London by 11.30 latest…. this will allow for travel delays and to get out to race registration at the ExCeL Centre.

By air

Whilst actual flying time to London may often be relatively short, please bear in mind:

  • the time taken for check-in, baggage reclaim, etc. and also the time and cost required to get to and from that terminal. For example, Gatwick trains run every 15 mins and takes 45 minutes, with an adult return costing about £35. Check airport web sites for 'Transfer to London' details
  • Consider also that race registration is at the ExCeL Centre. Registration is open from Wednesday to Friday until 20.00 hours but on Saturday this closes at 17.00 hours. No number = no run!

On Sunday, you cannot be certain how long you will take to complete the marathon. You should also bear in mind that your post-race movements may be a lot slower due to fatigue and cramp. We recommend that you estimate that it will take you roughly 2 hours to be processed at the finish, return to your hotel, shower etc. Add this to check in time to calculate what time flight you can realistically make.

By WRP Tours coach

In 2015 WRP Tours will again offer a coach service from Weston-super-Mare and Bristol; this is a two day/one night package staying at Novotel London West. The coach will have a WRP Tours Courier on board. Saturday morning pickups are from Weston-super-Mare, Bristol Central, Bristol East (Kingswood), Leigh Delamere Services  on the M4 and finally Swindon M4 Junction 16. The coach is due to arrive in London at 11.15hrs. Forward travel onto ExCel and registration is your own responsibility. On Sunday, the coach will leave London at 18.00hrs and drop off at all the same locations. If you would like to use the WRP Tours coach but stay for 2 nights, please call the office to discuss this.

N.B. Payment on buses in London
By April 2015 London buses will only accept payment by Oyster Card. i.e. no cash payments.






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