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All our hotels serve breakfast from 05.45 and WRP Tours staff will be on duty supervising.
As you know, the runner today will use up a vast amount of calories so further 'carbo-loading' is an essential pre-requisite for a successful run. With that in mind, the buffet breakfast provided by the hotels is both generous and designed to cater for the widest possible range of requirements with the proven 'best to have' items all there – cereals, porridge, toast, honey, bananas, ….. plus other popular options. We are sure you will find your 'go to' marathon prep breakfast here - and remember, today is not the day to experiment! Spectators can enjoy a 'full English' if they wish - it's going to be a long day for them too!

 Not going to the start

Any guests who do not wish to go to the start can take breakfast later in the hotel restaurant.

Room Check-out on Sunday

If you are leaving after the race on Sunday, all rooms must be cleared by 12.00 hrs in accordance with normal hotel check out time. If everyone in the party is going to the start then luggage must be taken to the WRP Tours designated luggage store in plenty of time for you to catch the coaches out to Blackheath. Please ensure your room is empty when you leave for the Start.

For all runners who vacate their rooms in the morning, post-race showering facilities (inc. soap, towel and shampoo) are automatically included as part of your package.

If any guests are not going on the early coaches then they can use their room until 12.00 hrs.


One of the primary aims of WRP Tours, is to make your marathon weekend as stress free as possible. And what could be more important than getting to the start on time? Therefore as part of your weekend package, everyone booked with WRP (both runners and spectators) will automatically have coach transfer to the start.  WRP Tours only use coaches that are typically no more than a year old.

As all our hotels are in different parts of central London, departure times will vary as we try to get our coaches arriving at Blackheath within 10 minutes of each other. This way everyone has roughly the same amount of time for preparation before the start. WRP aim to have all coaches parked and unloaded at Blackheath between 08.00 – 08.10 as after this the police start their road closures. Sounds early but this is very well  rehearsed!
However, it is possible that for various reasons some guests will NOT want to get up that early and go out to Blackheath so we will ask you to confirm how many seats you will require. We cannot allocate any further seats once in London.

Care of children on race day

Please note that WRP Tours cannot take responsibility for the care of after children whilst parents compete in the marathon.
If WRP Tours feel there may be a potential problem, they reserve the right to seek clarification as to what supervision arrangements the parent/parents intend to make for a child/children during the event.


We at WRP Tours we firmly believe that the spectators are as important as the runners and we aim to care for them to the same degree as the runners.

With that in mind, we offer a complimentary coach transfer for spectators back into central London after the start of the race. Many of our spectators will make their own way back into London. Many will walk down through Greenwich Park and try to see their runners in Greenwich Village (6 miles) before catching a DLR train from Greenwich into Tower Bridge (13 miles). If you are fit, confident and know London it’s good fun and has much to recommend it. Others walk into Blackheath village and then purchase a ticket and take the train back into Charing Cross which is very close to the finish.

For those less confident, with small children or anyone who finds walking more difficult. Others use the WRP spectator transfer service from Blackheath back into central London. In order to take advantage of this free service, please book the required amount of tickets on your 'Late Orders and Requests' form.
Please note that you will not be able to get additional tickets when you arrive at your hotel as coach numbers will have been confirmed.

In our experience this spectator transfer back from Blackheath is invaluable to those with smaller children or anyone who finds walking more difficult. The coach drivers are happy to take push-chairs, buggies etc and plenty of WRP staff will be on hand to assist your boarding/unloading.

Departure times

The WRP spectator coaches run between 10.20 and 10.50 on a 'first-come first-dispatched' basis from exactly the same point as when you first arrived. WRP staff will load the coaches with a courier on board.

Where does it go to?

The coaches drop passengers at the top of Arundel Street from where it is an easy (and downhill) walk of 200m bringing you out on The Embankment marathon course, just before the 24 mile point. Spectators can either stay around this area or take the underground to Tower Bridge and take advantage of our free refreshments at Novotel Tower Bridge.

What happens after the race?

In 'Final Details' we will give guidance of how this is simply achieved. Those who were with the WRP 'Walking Tour of the Finish' on Saturday will know exactly where to go to get to their required underground station.

For once WRP cannot help with advice on the spot – due simply to the density of crowds around the Mall. Instead, make sure your relevant maps. Mobiles rarely work due to density of traffic.



Full post race facilities are available from 14.00 hrs until 18.30hrs. Unfortunately we cannot operate extended post race facilities.

Massage facilities

We have a superb volunteer team of masseurs who join us for the afternoon. We intend to supply a minimum of 2 in all hotels with more generous staffing at the larger hotels. This service is complimentary.
Year on year they provide a superb service much appreciated by our runners and their aching muscles.
The massage service will start to wind down from 17.00 hrs.


WRP and Novotel provide and supervise showering facilities at all the hotels which include fresh towels, soap and shampoo. Whether people shower, or return to their room for a bath and soak, the advice is the same - keep the water as cool as you can bear it for this will greatly improve the recovery of torn muscle fibres.

Post-race light refreshments

After a marathon some will feel hungry – but not so hungry that you want a large meal. In each hotel there will be a buffet providing sealed packs of assorted sandwiches (useful if you have to leave to catch a train or coach), cake, crisps and three types of salad plus tea/coffee and squash. All guests, be they adult or children, have individual tickets for this buffet plus an area to sit and enjoy it and reflect upon your achievement. These buffets are open until 18.00 hrs. Any runners returning after 18.00 hrs should please see the WRP staff for their refreshments.


With over 25 years experience behind us, we have seen many runners take longer than expected to finish the marathon. This can bring along a set of problems of its own. Never under estimate how fatigued you may be or how long it could take you to get across London and back to your hotel and your return transport if you are travelling by coach, train or air. There are many ways to alleviate the stress of getting back to your hotel late. Consider booking a later train, getting a taxi to the station/airport or simply book an extra night for Sunday? If you have come down on the WRP coach then please bear in mind that, because of tachograph regulations on the driver the coach HAS to leave at 18.00hrs – and will do so.

Please note: If there had been a medical problem during the race and the runner was in hospital and the relatives/hospital had been in contact with WRP directly, then WRP would have liaised with the hotel about any rooms concerned.









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