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For those of you who can only stay one night, the Saturday 'Mini-break' is your perfect option.

The ideal and most stress-free weekend package is for 2 nights - either Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday.

Alternatively, you could really make it a special occasion and book the 3 night 'Long Weekend' package that offers excellent value for money.

Multiple nights work out cheaper
To encourage multiple (2 or 3) night sales, all hotels offer a better rate on 2 night bookings …..and an even better rate on 3 night bookings! In some instances the difference between a 2 and a 3 night stay, in a 4* hotel including full breakfast can be as little as £40 per person.

What advantages are there in staying Friday night?
Many marathon coaches rate a good nights sleep 2 nights before the race as a key part of a runners preparation. Travelling on Saturday could mean an early start and your nights sleep on Saturday will often be poor due to nerves, different environment etc. If you are travelling by air or rail, arriving on Friday would aliviate any stress about delayed travel. Registration is also a lot quieter on Friday. You would even have time for some sightseeing should you wish.

What advantages are there in staying Sunday night?

If you are anticipating serious fatigue after the race then you may want to consider staying on Sunday night. This would avoid the stress of missing your return air or rail journey should you take longer than anticipated when at your most fatigued.

Which ever night/nights you choose

  • each extra night includes full English buffet breakfast
  • WRP has negotiated with Novotel a 10% * discount on all meals eaten in the hotel. This offer includes drink taken with the meal but excludes room service and certain hotel restaurants (please check with WRP) WRP Tours will issue special Marathon Vouchers along with your tickets.

*15% at Novotel London West

Arriving/ departure by air
We are aware that some long haul overnight flights arrive at unsociably early times, and that normal hotel check-in is not until 15.00hrs. Likewise, you may have a late departure time. If this affects you, please advise WRP Tours at the time of booking.

Resident WRP staff
Please note that WRP Tours staff are resident in each hotel from Friday through until Monday morning with the sole purpose of ensuring that your weekend is as stree free as possible.






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